Improving CareEverywhere

Your health shouldn’t be limited by the care available to you. That’s why we’re working to provide the highest quality health care to patients in the Midwest and beyond.

To reach you where you are with the support you need, we’re transforming the way you connect to care. Through virtual platforms, we’re offering affordable, innovative ways to match you to medical experts.

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The Future ofHealth Care

In 2021, Sanford Health announced an initiative to transform health care delivery. We’re changing the way patients and communities get the care they need for generations to come.

We’ve created a virtual care strategy that connects our rural communities with a network of hospitals and clinics using cutting-edge technology. It guarantees you can get the very best health care from your local clinic or even your couch.

Commitment to Rural Health

If a rural community is your home, you should be able to get the quality care you need without having to stray too far from your neighborhood. That’s our commitment to you. We’re looking to maintain and grow our impact in communities just like yours.

Training And RetainingThe Best

Everyone should have a team of medical experts working together for their well-being, but staffing can be a challenge in rural America. We’re creating opportunities to change that.

In partnership with academic institutions, we’re founding eight new graduate medical residencies and fellowships in important specialty areas. This doubles our graduate medical education opportunities. By building a stronger workforce today, we’re ready to lead the next generation of health care in your community.

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Give For All.Give For Good.

Philanthropy plays a vital role in the health of our patients every single day. Your gifts can support vital services like social work, nurse navigation, spiritual care and more.

Big or small, 100% of every gift impacts lives by improving care and meeting patient needs. Together, we can do more good for every patient, everywhere.

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