This past year, amid a number of challenges, including the ongoing pandemic, the spirit of giving endured. Deb Koski, Chief Philanthropy Officer, reflects on the past year, what’s ahead—and most importantly, how grateful we are for your generosity and kindness.

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Total raised: $225.2 million*

Total donors: 14,628

Total disbursed: $11.6 million**

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*The fundraising total includes multi-year pledges, funds earmarked for future projects and endowed funds.

**Funds disbursed includes both spendable dollars raised and investment earnings. (The graphic encompasses program support, excluding funds given by Denny Sanford.)

Philanthropy at Work
System Impact

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EnterpriseChildren’s Impact

Total disbursed: $6.1 million

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Every gift to Sanford Children’s helped give kids and their families a special place to turn for care that met their unique needs—from specialists who understand kids’ developing bodies and minds to equipment, technology and services for every age and stage of childhood, from newborns to teens.

Philanthropy at Work

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Patient Care/Family Support: 65%

  • Services such as Child Life, social work, music therapy and more, that are never billed to patients
  • Toys, games, books, art supplies and more to keep kids smiling

Equipment/Facility Improvements: 18%

  • Lifesaving pediatric ventilators, ultrasound machines, resuscitators and more
  • Renovations and furnishings to ensure comfortable, kid-friendly healing spaces

Community Benefit: 16%

  • Family assistance with treatment-related costs not covered by insurance, such as meals, lodging, travel and more
  • Workshops and resources that keep kids safe, including poison control, Child’s Voice and Safe Kids Fargo/Moorhead

Staff Education: 1%

  • Conference and training expenses to keep staff on the leading edge of pediatric care

Children’s Impact
The Power of Play

At Sanford Children’s, our teams of Child Life Specialists use therapeutic play, music and other activities to help young patients and their families cope with the uncertainties and fear of treatment and hospitalization.


Philanthropy supports salaries and supplies so families never see a bill for this essential service.

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“As Carson continues on his health journey, we are so very thankful to the staff at Sanford Children’s and the Child Life team for all the support they give him. They are definitely a bright spot for Carson and for me to get to see him smile as well!”

—Rachel Gietzen, Mom of Carson, A Sanford Children’s patient

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Cancer’s Impact

Total disbursed: $2.5 million

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A cancer diagnosis can turn life upside down. But thanks to your generosity, patients and their families can rely on compassionate, cutting-edge treatment, care and services at Sanford Health to meet their needs at every stage of the journey.

Philanthropy at Work
Cancer’s Impact

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Patient Care/Family Support: 74%

  • Services like nurse navigation, survivorship programming, art and massage therapy, and more
  • Patient assistance with treatment-related travel costs

Cancer Research: 18%

  • Equipment, staff support and clinical trial patient care costs, which are not covered by insurance

Equipment/Facility Improvements: 7%

  • The latest advancements in technology and equipment to support prevention, detection and treatment
  • Renovations and furnishings, such as chemotherapy recliners, to ensure comfortable, healing spaces

Staff Education: 1%

  • Conference and training costs to promote collaboration and professional advancement

Cancer’s Impact
A Guiding Light

Oncology nurse navigators are specially trained to guide cancer patients through every stage of the cancer journey. From coordinating appointments to clarifying diagnosis and treatment questions and connecting patients to support services, they ensure patients never feel alone.


Thanks to philanthropic support, patients never see a bill for this vital service.

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“My nurse navigator, Mary, was there from day one. She took the time to slow things down and guide me through this journey. She’s been a big part of my life.”

—Michelle Reitan, cancer survivor

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Edith SanfordBreast Initiative’s Impact

Total disbursed: $195,000

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With a leading team of researchers and physicians collaborating across our system of care, and the generosity of friends like you, the Edith Sanford Breast Initiative continued to drive breakthroughs and deliver cutting-edge, personalized care for women and men across the region.

Philanthropy at Work
Breast Initiative’s Impact

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pie chart breakdown

Equipment: 61%

  • Patient care advancements, including a new ultrasound machine and scalp cooling system to maintain patients’ hair during chemotherapy

Patient Care/Family Support: 19%

  • Financial assistance to cover the costs of 3D mammography screenings for underinsured women
  • Complimentary wigs/head coverings for patients

Breast Cancer Research: 17%

  • ISPY-2 adaptive clinical trial to treat patients with advanced breast cancer

Education/Scholarships: 3%

  • Nursing scholarships and staff education

Breast Initiative’s Impact
Protecting Breast Health

With a leading team of researchers and physicians collaborating across our system of care, and the generosity of friends like you, the Edith Sanford Breast Initiative continued to drive breakthroughs and deliver cutting-edge, personalized care for women and men across the region.

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“It’s care that you can’t describe. They really know the type of support you need before you know you need it.”

—Melissa Olivier, Edith Sanford Breast Center patient, survivor of stage 3 breast cancer

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Enterprise Employee
Crisis Fund

Life can change in an instant. A house fire, a car accident, a natural disaster or pandemic…in times like these, the Employee Crisis Fund provides a lifeline to Sanford employees across our system of care.


100% of every dollar helps provide direct financial assistance to employees who, at no fault of their own, are struggling to meet basic needs, like food and housing.


When the pandemic first swept across the region in 2020, Sanford launched this enterprise fund to assist employees facing financial hardship due to the far-reaching effects of COVID-19. To date, the fund has assisted more than 1,800 employees.

Thank You

On behalf of all the people whose lives were touched by your gifts of health, healing and comfort in 2021, thank you for making our mission your mission. We look forward to doing more good, together, in the year ahead.

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