Dear friends,

When this community comes together, you are truly a force for good.

In 2022, more than 15,000 supporters gave $15 million through the Sanford Health Foundation, exceeding our goals and expectations. This outpouring of kindness in spendable, endowed and legacy gifts allowed us to not only put more than $12.5 million to immediate work, but to confiden
tly plan for a future of continued compassion, innovation and discovery.

I’m also pleased to share that the Foundation achieved the prestigious “High Performer” designation from the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) in both the overall and health care system categories for 2022. This badge of honor verifies our commitment to stewarding your dollars wisely and impactfully…a commitment I hope you’ll see reflected in the pages to follow and in the countless lives we’ve changed together.

Thank you for entrusting us with your philanthropic hopes and priorities. We are grateful to work alongside partners like you for the good of patients, their families, our communities and all who count on Sanford Health for health, healing and comfort.

With gratitude,

Deb Koski, Chief Philanthropy Officer

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Total raised: $15 million*

Total donors: 15,025

Total disbursed: $12.1 million**

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*The fundraising total includes multi-year pledges, funds earmarked for future projects and endowed funds.

**Funds disbursed includes both spendable dollars raised and investment earnings. (The graphic encompasses program support, excluding funds given by Denny Sanford.)

Philanthropy at Work
System Impact

Pie chart showing allocations of money for Sanford Health.
Sanford Children's - 33% Sanford Cancer - 24% Edith Sanford - 3% Employee Crisis Fund - 2% Other/General Support - 38%
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EnterpriseChildren’s Impact

Total disbursed: $4.1 million

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Every gift to Sanford Children’s helped give kids and their families a special place to turn for care that met their unique needs—from specialists who understand kids’ developing bodies and minds to equipment, technology and services for every age and stage of childhood, from newborns to teens.

Philanthropy at Work

Patient Care/Family Support: 60%

  • Services such as Child Life, social work, music therapy and more, that are never billed to patients
  • Toys, games, books, art supplies and more to keep kids smiling

Equipment/Facility Improvements: 29%

  • Giraffe OmniBeds
  • Pediatric smart beds
  • Playgrounds and kid-sized furniture and more to make kids feel at home
  • NICVIEW digital cameras systems that give families a window into the NICU from wherever they are

Community Benefit: 10%

  • Family assistance with treatment-related costs not covered by insurance, such as meals, lodging, travel and more
  • Workshops and resources that keep kids safe, including poison control, Child’s Voice and Safe Kids Fargo/Moorhead, and more

Staff Education: 1%

  • Conference and training expenses to keep staff on the leading edge of pediatric care

Care That Counts
For a Lifetime

Generosity for Sanford Children’s also fuels lifesaving care for fragile infants in the NICU, along with comfort and assistance for their families. Gifts support lifesaving equipment, like Giraffe OmniBeds, which mimic a mother’s womb to protect infants and help them thrive and grow, and NicView digital camera systems to keep families connected to their newborn, staff training, family assistance, and so much more.

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“I can’t even fully describe the feeling you have when you know that you can walk in someplace and they provide the best care you can even imagine. It’s care you can’t describe.”

—Melissa Olivier, whose daughter, Lena, spent 87 days in the NICU

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Cancer’s Impact

Total disbursed: $3 million

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A cancer diagnosis can turn life upside down. But thanks to your generosity, patients and their families can rely on compassionate, cutting-edge treatment, care and services at Sanford Health to meet their needs at every stage of the journey.

Philanthropy at Work
Cancer’s Impact

Equipment/Facility Improvements: 46%

  • Ultrasound unit
  • Bone marrow transplant equipment
  • Building projects and renovations
  • Chemotherapy recliners
  • Pediatric playroom, and more

Patient Care/Family Support: 42%

  • Services like adult and pediatric nurse navigation, survivorship programming, healing arts and massage therapy that are never billed to patients
  • Patient assistance with treatment-related costs not covered by insurance
  • Complimentary wigs and head coverings for chemotherapy patients, and more

Cancer Research: 12%

  • Equipment, staff support and clinical trial patient care costs, which are not covered by insurance, and more

Care For
Body, Mind, and Spirit

Philanthropy helps complement expert cancer treatment with a wide range of evidence-based integrative health services, including healing arts, massage therapy and more, to care for the whole person.

Patients never see a bill for services like these, thanks to you.

Parent and child standing in front of mural

“Sanford, its staff and the integrative services quite literally saved my life. My son, Ivan, and I thank you for saving his mommy so I could be there for him. It’s a gift that I am grateful for every day.”

—Hannah Tanata, Sanford patient, cancer survivor

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Edith SanfordBreast Initiative’s Impact

Total disbursed: $344,305

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With a leading team of researchers and physicians collaborating across our system of care, and the generosity of friends like you, the Edith Sanford Breast Initiative continued to drive breakthroughs and deliver cutting-edge, personalized care for women and men across the region.

Philanthropy at Work
Breast Initiative’s Impact

Breast Cancer Research: 39%

  • ISPY-2 adaptive clinical trial to treat patients with advanced breast cancer
  • Other clinical trial patient care costs not covered by insurance, and more

Patient Care/Family Support: 31%

  • Financial assistance to cover the costs of MRIs and 3D mammography screenings for underinsured women
  • Complimentary wigs and head coverings for patients
  • Nurse navigation, and more

Equipment: 29%

  • Ultrasound unit
  • 3D Quorum software, which is helping our radiology teams read images faster and more efficiently, leading to more accurate and timely diagnoses, and more

Education/Scholarships: 1%

  • Conferences and staff training to keep staff on the leading edge of breast cancer care

Selling the Standard
in Breast Care

With philanthropic support, Edith Sanford leads and can offer patients access to dozens of national and international clinical trials for every aspect of breast health. Researchers and physicians across our system of care work together to continuously advance lifesaving insights from the lab to patients and back again.

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“I’m truly grateful for the entire team at Edith Sanford. It’s very humbling…I didn’t expect all the people who cared about me.”

—Lisa Bunkers, Edith Sanford patient, breast cancer survivor

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At Sanford Health, giving back is part of our culture and how we advance the vital work of health and healing that matters so much to all of us. In 2022, 33% of all employees gave through the Foundation.

  • Total employee donors: 10,178

Employees can support any cause close to their heart through payroll deduction or one-time gifts. Donations of PTO can also be made to support the Employee Crisis Fund.

  • Employee participation 33%
    • Directors: 73%
    • Executives: 89%
    • Foundation staff: 100%
    • Physicians: 48%

Employee Crisis Fund

For Sanford employees facing unexpected financial hardship due to extraordinary events like a house fire, natural disaster or pandemic—the Employee Crisis Fund is a lifeline.

100% of every dollar helps provide direct financial assistance to employees who, at no fault of their own, are struggling to meet basic needs, like food and housing.

2022 Impact

  • Assistance provided: $264,163
  • Employees helped: 148

The fund has distributed nearly $2 million in assistance since it was established in 2020.

Thank You

On behalf of all the people whose lives were touched by your gifts of health, healing and comfort in 2022, thank you for making our mission your mission. We look forward to doing more good, together, in the year ahead.

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